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Hutton Henry

“From Orphan to CEO. 3x Founder with an Exit, Tech, Writing, Coaching and electronic music. A tad creative.”


About Me

Hello! I'm Hutton, a seasoned expert with over twenty years in M&A tech integration. My journey, from being orphaned as a child to becoming a 3x founder with an exit, has deeply influenced my approach to business. I specialise in preparing founders for exit or investment, focusing particularly on tech companies.

My book, ‘People First’, represents my philosophy of helping tech teams during mergers. It reflects my core business value of prioritising people, a lesson ingrained in me through my early experiences.

In discussions, I delve into diverse topics, including:

  • Preparing Founders for Due Diligence
  • The Psychology of Tech Teams
  • CTO Coaching and Transactional Analysis

Further, I've authored and published a Graphic Novel exploring Diversity in Tech Teams, drawing from my insights as a Kolbe-certified professional.

Are you looking to enrich your podcast with unique perspectives on technology, leadership, and the human element in business? I'd love to share my experiences and insights with your listeners.

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Profile artwork for Hutton Henry
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