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Hope Pedraza

“I help women heal from chronic symptoms with functional labs, energy and chakra balancing, and Human Design.”


About Me

Hope is Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Hair Tissue and Mineral Analysis (HTMA) Expert, a Reiki practitioner, Human Design expert and pilates and fitness instructor and studio owner.

She has journeyed through her own health issues including IBS and disordered eating behaviors, as well as through her own spiritual journey.

The work she does in her nutrition practice incorporates every aspect of your wellness: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. She use Functional labs to get to the root cause of your physical symptoms, and use the results, along with your symptomology and in-depth lifestyle analysis to create a customized blueprint for your health journey.

In addition, she takes a deep-dive into your Human Design and your energetic makeup to pinpoint how your energy leaks (and imbalanced chakras) are contributing to your chronic symptoms – and this is where things are really going to take off for you.

It is through this holistic journey, connecting the body with functional labs, the mind with work on the nervous system, and the spirit with energetic clearing, chakra balancing and Human Design, that the body can truly begin to heal.

As a small business owner, franchisor and entrepreneur she also has experience in all things business as she runs her brick and mortar business and digital business simultaneously.

I've been featured on over 50 podcasts to date, check out my media kit HERE for potential topics and talking points!

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Profile artwork for Hope Pedraza
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