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Holly Howe

“I empower listeners to transform humble vegetables into probiotic-rich superfoods using the art of fermentation. Tasty meals—Radiant health.”


About Me

Holly Howe is a grade school teacher turned fermentation educator and founder of the popular website where she has helped thousands of people successfully master fermentation in a jar with just cabbage, salt, time, and a bit of help from the bacterial world.

She visits her year-round farmer’s market on Vancouver Island, B.C. each week to gather inspiration for seasonally fermenting produce picked at the peak of freshness. Spring leeks are fermented into a delicious paste for seasoning scrambled eggs and ham sandwiches. June cucumbers are made into cucumber pickles for a crunchy snack. And of course, early winter cabbage is fermented into a broad palette of sauerkraut flavors.

She is also the author of Fermentation Made Easy! Mouthwatering Sauerkraut, and creator of the online program Ferment Like a Pro!

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Profile artwork for Holly Howe
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