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H.I. Morrachi

“This is Morrachi, your friendly ASMR, video game playing, anime streamer (aka vtuber/vstreamer). Join me in space as I make deliveries!”


About Me

Alternative Streamers

Vtubers and Vstreamers are on the rise! When it comes to making a show we make it in style and with our own flair and personalities. I can give you an inside look at the strengths and audience of these amazing alternative streamers and how their charm is creating a tsunami of new viewers and an avenue for content creation. Take a close look at the subcultures and controversies of this type of entertainment group.

As a vstreamer myself I have dug deep into the world of vtubing and discovered an astounding amount of culture merge and growth of individuality. I have seen interesting controversies of self-expression and being who you want to be in the most extreme way. The path to growth for these folks is also one full of decisions and obstacles such as being an indie vs corporate vtuber, networking with groups that can be sweet and sour, and of course creating impactful content.

My personal vstream journey as been a most fulfilling experience. I started at the bottom of streaming and YouTube, zero of everything. After stabilizing myself and getting more comfortable, I began to notice growth, eventually I happened upon and amazing group of vstreamers and took off from there. I began to hone in my character and how I wanted to express her story. You see, vtubing can be a combination of reality and storytelling which results in some flavorful and exciting streams and videos.

I would be happy to introduce myself to you and help you get a further grasp on this subculture of streamers. This group is so colorful and unique their is something for everyone to get interested in.

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Morrachi | space delivery vtuber lady

Embark on Cosmic Adventures with Our Adorable Space Delivery VTuber Lady, Morrachi, and Her Corgi Companion! Join us on Twitch and YouTube for Interstellar Fun, Crafts, and (Mostly) Wholesome Entertainment. 🚀🌌 Tune in for Stellar Deliveries and Cosmic Shenanigans - Subscribe Now!

Hi_Morrachi - Twitch

Hi I'm Morrachi (Mo-ra-chi)! Most of my content is softspoken no matter the game for a little ASMR effect. My goal is to never scream and help you relax. I also host monthly parties (not ASMR)! Please sub to remove ads and support the content you love. :) Anime streamer/vtuber/vstreamer.


Welcome to Morrachi's! Join me as we chill and explore new ASMR experiences, get creative, do nails, and have fun together! I am an anime streamer (also called a vstreamer/vtuber) who's story is ever expanding and I want you to join me for the ride!

Profile artwork for H.I. Morrachi
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