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Helena Smolock

“An Award-winning Fitness Business Woman with 40 years experience in the Industry.”


About Me

Helena enjoyed being an initiative-taking youth athlete which continued well into High School. Her love of movement reflected quite well with her name being listed in Volleyball, Baseball, Soccer, Floor Hockey, the Canadian Physical Fitness Awards – Bronze, Silver, Gold, and the Award of Excellence. As well as being a Track and Field athlete running 100m.

Her initial career choice though was to become a Criminal Lawyer and while in High School, Helena requested to be placed on work experience to gain credits in grade 13 at Woodroffe High School. Helena was placed in the courthouse, Criminal Division in Ottawa, Ontario Canada where she navigated through the system nearing the end of the three months, she was observing a court case. A murder case which automatically changed her desire to become a Criminal lawyer.

Standing at the fork of her road, Helena’s thoughts and passion were to enhance the lives of individuals through optimal Health and Wellness. Her part-time position at Catherine’s Lady Fitness in Ottawa, Ontario Canada as a Personal Trainer, Aerobic and Aqua-fit instructor at the age of sixteen has expanded to rewarding opportunities in areas of Corporate Wellness, Fitness Facilities Management, Fitness business consulting, and much more.

Forty years of creating a healthier work environment for corporations and individuals.

Helena Smolock is the President and Founder of Velocity Athletic Training an award-winning company located in Blaine WA USA where she services clients in Canada and the USA

Velocity Athletic Training is a Registered Trademark with the USPTO. Usage or copying of my Intellectual Property is Prohibited by Federal laws.

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Profile artwork for Helena Smolock
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