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Harvey Wizard

“2024 US Presidential Candidate. Self-Made Multimillionaire, Bestselling Author, Globetrotting Standup Comedian & The Guy Who Beat The SAT.”


About Me

I've been called the most interesting human on the planet. (True, the stranger at the bar who said that had imbibed quite a few beers, but hell, HE SAID IT!)

I've been guesting on talk shows since 1985, when I appeared on the legendary JOE FRANKLIN SHOW with my personalized songwriting business.

I've been DOING THINGS that most people consider IMPOSSIBLE all my life.

And now I COACH OTHERS to ACHIEVE THE IMPOSSIBLE in their own lives.


I reverse engineered the SAT and developed a set of infallible rules to beat it, which eventually made me THE COLLEGE WIZARD, America's #1 College Admissions Coach. When I met the founder of the Princeton Review, he said, "Well, Harvey, I guess I could say our systems are cousins of one another. But to be honest, we would be your VERY STUPID COUSIN."


I graduated high school in three years as the valedictorian of the class ahead of me, just for revenge, because a kid a year older was telling everybody he was smarter than me.


After graduating Dartmouth, I spent over three years as a NYC street musician, after I figured out how to make $150 per hour doing it (and that was back in 1985, when $150 was actually worth $150.)


I am a published songwriter in both Nashville & NYC after a psychic I met in the Bronx got the former Nashville Police Chief to call in a favor and set up a meeting for me with the legendary record producer, Jimmy Bowen.


I turned a $500 investment into The Medical Massage Group in NYC, the largest pregnancy massage center in the USA, with revenue over 3 Million Dollars per year.


When digital marketing was in its infancy, I took advantage of a Google loophole to become an internet multimillionaire in less than a year (as told in the NYT Bestseller, "Get Rich Click".)


I met my gorgeous wife, a doctor no less, through a Craig's List personal ad I took out, utilizing the beautiful woman club technique George Costanza discovered on Seinfeld.


When I realized how entertaining people find the stories of my life, I went from doing comedy open mics to globetrotting COMEDY HEADLINER in a matter of months.


That's a recent photo of me in this profile and I'm 63 years old. One of the great joys of my life is pulling out my ID whenever I meet someone, because nobody believes that I'm a senior citizen. (But my hemorrhoids tell me I am.)


As author of the international bestseller, CREATING JOY, I tell how I managed to use an Albert Ellis technique to instantly regain joy in my own life shortly after the death of my only child.

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2024 U.S. Presidential Candidate | Harvey Wizard

Harvey Wizard, The Most Dangerously Honest Man In America and 2024 US Presidential Candidate. Jobs For All. Scholarships For All. Brutal Honesty For All.

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The College Wizard® Program Offers A Guaranteed Roadmap To 1530+ SAT Scores, Selective College Admission & Full Ride Merit Scholarship Awards.

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*WARNING* THIS EPISODE SHOULD NOT BE LISTENED TO WITH YOUNG CHILDREN AROUND.*   Harvey Wizard has seemingly done it all. A 63-year-old "retired" to Costa Rica with (not so crazy, but still kinda crazy) wife, a serial entrepreneur, and creator of "The SAT Wizard" program. A program designed to help your child ace the SATs.    While we talked SAT prep today, Harvey shared many things dads don't discuss. So   Let's F&*King talk about it!   Harvey lost his only daughter when she was in her 20s. A child who was ultimately ripped from him by his (as he so lovingly says) "crazy ex-wife 1" "spoiler, this is the reason he "retired to Costa Rica."    After not having much of a relationship and trying to rebuild something, she left this Earth too young. That taught Harvey a lot about himself and how to overcome the most tragic losses.    Listen super closely as there are a lot of lessons about growth, humility, learning from mistakes (multiple times), and much more. You don't want to miss this crazy, crazy ride.    Be sure to check out Harvey's SAT Wizard program at

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Harvey Wizard

The Harvey Wizard Channel. The Guy Who Beat The SAT & The College Admissions Process. 1530+ SAT Score, Top 25 Admission & Full Ride Merit Scholarship Guaranteed OR YOUR MONEY BACK!

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Profile artwork for Harvey Wizard
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