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Harry Turner

“Transforming Lives with Spirituality & Mental Health | LCSW via private practice & The Nocturnal Therapist via my passion.”


About Me

Harry Turner aka "The Nocturnal Therapist"


“Assisting Others In Developing The Audacity To Live Unapologetically Authentic”

About Me:

Hi, I'm Harry Turner, but you might know me as "The Nocturnal Therapist." My journey sits at the beautiful intersection of mental wellness and spirituality, guiding others on transformative paths towards self-discovery and enlightenment. As a Heart-Centered Hypnotherapist, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, I merge clinical expertise with spiritual insight, advocating for the power of authenticity. I'm dedicated to inspiring everyone to embrace their true selves, creating a world where living unapologetically authentic isn't just accepted—it's celebrated.


  • Mental Health
  • Spirituality
  • Authenticity
  • Healing Practices
  • Human Behavior
  • Encouraging everyone to be as unapologetically authentic as possible

What I Love to Talk About:

The Eternal Question: "Who Am I?" - I'm fascinated by this question that follows us throughout our lives. I explore the journey of self-discovery, framed by both spirituality and psychology.

Spirituality and Universal Truths: I discuss how spirituality is intertwined with our mental, physical, and spiritual growth, emphasizing that our physical existence is a reflection of the spiritual realm.

Eye Level vs Sky Level: I share practical strategies for integrating spiritual wisdom into daily life, encouraging living with purpose and presence.

The Quest for Authenticity: I elaborate on why authenticity is at the core of what we seek and yet is chosen by so few. I provide insights into embracing vulnerability and the freedom found in living true to oneself.

Staying L.I.T. (Living In Truth): I talk about strategies and practices for maintaining authenticity, integrity, and transparency in a world that often rewards conformity.

My Experience:

  1. Heart-Centered Hypnotherapist: I use hypnotherapy to unlock deep-seated emotional blocks, facilitating profound healing.
  2. Licensed Clinical Social Worker: I offer compassionate, client-centered therapy, focusing on mental wellness and personal growth.
  3. Certified Clinical Trauma Professional: I specialize in trauma-informed care, providing tools and support for healing and resilience.

How to Connect with Me:

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The Nocturnal Therapist

Welcome to the Nocturnal Therapist Channel, where mental wellness meets spirituality. I navigate the intricate paths of the psyche, inspired by C. Jung's wisdom: “Until the Unconscious becomes Conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” Discover the power of the L.I.T. 🔥 Effect, founded on five core pillars: Acceptance, Clarity, Re-Conditioning, Envisioning, & Choosing. These pillars, or LIT Factors, are spiritual tools aiding in the pursuit of flow and alignment. The LIT 🔥 Effect embodies the journey of Living In Truth - a commitment to an Unapologetically Authentic life. This channel mirrors our collective, evolving consciousness. Subscribe now and dive into the conversation. Note: We use adult language and content. This channel is for viewers 18+ and does not offer therapy advice. It's a space for exploring spiritual mysteries and what fundamentally defines us. For full details, visit our disclaimer at

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We’re here to help you develop the audacity to live a life that reflects you. School of Outliers will help you step away from conformity and become the author of your own story. Check out our free resources, podcast, and spiritual life coaching with the Nocturnal Therapist.

Profile artwork for Harry Turner
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