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Hannah Parry

“I have a deep knowledge of the craft of long and short fiction. I have personal experience of publication, self-publication and rejection.”


About Me

Writing is not an easy path to take, especially for those who are just starting out. Rejection is a constant companion for writers (don't let anyone tell you any different), no matter how experienced they are. But as an author who truly understands the craft, I can offer valuable advice on how to keep going despite the setbacks. I can share personal experiences and insights on how to stay motivated and continue writing even when it feels as if you will never pick up a pen again - unless to open a vein.One of the most important things that I can teach is how to write for the love of it. Writing is not just about getting published or making money; though all of us want all of that ~ it's about expressing yourself and telling your story. When you write from the heart, your writing is more authentic, and readers can feel the passion behind your words. I know how to encourage aspiring writers to find their voice and to write from a place of passion and authenticity.Finally, I can help writers understand that rejection is not personal. Every writer experiences rejection at some point in their career. It's an unfortunate part of the process, but it doesn't mean that your writing is bad or that you're not talented. I can help your listeners learn how to take rejection in their stride, use it as a learning experience, and keep moving forward.I have a low voice with an English accent and have been lucky enough to do some voiceover work in the past for both radio and television.I have a Masters in Creative Writing and can talk about reading literary fiction, but I do not have a PhD ~ if you want to talk literary theory and nineteenth century writers, I am not your gal'. As I am eternally submitting manuscripts, I am up to date with what's being read at the moment and what agents are looking for. I keep up with BookTok ( a whole podcast on its own...). I have written two adult commercial novels - one thriller and one upmarket fiction and two middle grade historical fiction novels, so I am experienced across the genres, in different points of view. I have a book coming out next week, so I can talk about how I intend to promote it.I have published four short stories in both US and UK publications - I have a very funny story of trying to convince the BBC Short Story Award that I was traditionally published (or you can't enter their award) in a tiny anthology. I ended up having to send them a screen shot, but tbh I think they were more embarrassed than I was. I ended up making it onto their long list. I've got a lot of stories like that... I've had agents and lost them. I've sent out a novel to publishers about the NHS the week Boris Johnson was admitted to hospital with Covid (not picked up obvs.). And been fired by my agent at the gynaecologist's.But I think what I love most is talking about what makes a really good book (or TV show for that matter or film). I can talk about anything to do with how to create a story. Or how to try harder and not let the b*****ds get you down. It's the hardest thing in the world for new writers to let people look at their work, but I hope I can give them some encouragement.Looking forward to taking my own advice.

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Hannah Parry is a writer of middle grade fiction, historical thrillers and a dark NHS novel perfect for book clubs.

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Hannah Parry

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