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Gwendolyn Young

“I can share with your audience tips, tools, and strategies on how to get their time back and turn their business into a well-oiled machine.”


About Me

Gwendolyn Young is the go-to Business and Operations Management Consultant for six-figure CEOs who are ready to greet their next level of growth. 

Gifted with both strategic and tactical acumen, Gwendolyn has rightfully earned her stellar reputation as exactly what she is—an indispensable strategic partner who advances every organization that she steps into. 

The brilliant brain behind several successful companies, Gwendolyn spent 15+ years advising corporate executives who implicitly trust her to devise the systems and solutions that significantly increase their profitability. Leveraging that deep expertise, Gwendolyn founded Your Virtual Admin Expert, a results-driven agency of professional administrative problem solvers who replace overwhelm with operational excellence and ease. 

Masterful at what she does, Gwendolyn has an innate sense for what makes businesses tick—and profit. Understanding how every aspect of an organization should flow together, she ensures that no opportunity is lost. A woman who can recover $40K worth of written-off receivables with a single workflow, Gwendolyn wows high-performing leaders with her ability to quickly uncover ways to boost their bottom lines. 

Backed by know-how, her high-level education in organizational leadership and business information systems along with a pure passion for people, Gwendolyn is a recognized authority in her industry. A sought-after speaker, trainer and author, she is shifting the way leaders lead. In her book, Governing in Excellence, Gwendolyn challenges the new-age notion that a business or nonprofit can achieve long-term success without a solid organizational foundation and strategic planning.  

With all her notable achievements, most of all, Gwendolyn is a transformational mentor. Turning her leadership into legacy by teaching others, she coaches new virtual support professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs to success. A business boss who has built her own multiple six-figure company from the ground up, Gwendolyn has helped her clients to launch new companies and increase their revenues by double-digits. An award-winning nonprofit leader, Gwendolyn has also been celebrated for her life-changing work with young women throughout the Chicagoland area. 

Never meeting an obstacle that she couldn’t overcome, every day is a triumph for Gwendolyn over her chronic illness. An open book, she regularly shares her wisdom with women to teach them how to escape the confines of corporate to build businesses and lives that allow them to prioritize their health and families.


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Profile artwork for Gwendolyn Young
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