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Guy Morris

“AI will change the world in profound ways. With decades of experience & research, Guy is the AI Guy for the Average Joe, keeping it simple.”


About Me

With multiple degrees in economics, finance, computer science and an MBA, Guy Morris earned a reputation as a thought-leader and innovator even before graduation when he developed a macro-economic model that out-performed the Federal Reserve, and changed how we develop economic models to this day.

Guy brings a 38-year Fortune 500 leadership career in global energy, high-tech and software for companies such as Oxy Petroleum, IBM, Burroughs, Oracle, Microsoft and start-ups. Over the decades, Guy was involved in implementing nearly every major leading edge technology innovation into the enterprise, including early-stage artificial intelligence.

Guy’s expertise in AI began after he discovered a program had escaped the NSA spy labs at Sandia. When he determined how a spy program could escape NSA and why they designed it that way, they sent two FBI agents to his door. His research into the topic goes back more than a decade with an emphasis on how these emerging technologies will affect society, economics, science, weapon systems and people.

Guy has also written songs for Disney Records, recorded multiple CDs, created and produced an award-winning webisode series, earned a Coast Guard charter captain license, and published multiple award-winning intelligent, well-researched thrillers. Guy pulls from a rich life of diverse experience to write books that thrill, educate, and inspire thoughtful dialogue on genuine issues facing humanity.

A frequent podcast guest expert with nearly 80 five-star rated podcast guest spots in 2023, and published articles in SD Voyager and Mystery & Suspense magazines.

In early 2022, Guy formed the non-profit association called Author Event Network, where local accomplished, award-winning or best-selling authors collaborate to sign books at community events, festivals and fairs. Through AEN, Guy books over 50 signing event days per year.

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