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Gregory Proctor

“Entrepreneur, Podcaster, Inspiring Advocate for Multiple Myeloma Community & Dynamic Business Leader with 25+ Years of Experience”


About Me

Many have asked, so here is answer to the question - Who Is Gregory P.?🤔Gregory O. Proctor, an inspirational figure in the Multiple Myeloma community, is an advocate for those struggling to find strength and hope while going through their cancer journey. Gregory was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in July 2021, during the peak of the global pandemic. He has since undergone treatments and stem cell transplantation and is now in remission.Gregory continues to work as a consultant, business owner, and podcaster for his program, Kut2ThaChase. The podcast aims to bring listeners spiritual nourishment and motivation with Gregory’s unique and inspiring experiences.Gregory was recently chosen as the Adult Honored Hero for the 2023 Visionary of the Year campaign by the The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society - South Central Texas. He is also a patient ambassador for Bristol Myers Squibb, as well as the founder of Kut2ThaChase Foundation. Gregory has been involved in multiple advocacy efforts to raise awareness and help fight Multiple Myeloma. He is part of the Executive Leadership Team for Light The Night San Antonio, has been a featured guest on The Bloodline with LLS Podcast, and was part of the Making Good Food Choices Series. He has also been a guest speaker at the The National Bone Marrow Transplant Link Lunch and Learn Webinar, a Multiple Myeloma Coach for HealthTree for Multiple Myeloma and a featured speaker at the Real Talk series.Gregory has been using his platform to spread positivity and hope to those going through their own cancer journey. He has been promoting the slogan “Don’t Ever Give Up”, which has become a rallying cry for many.Not only is Gregory an advocate for those battling Multiple Myeloma, but he is also a dynamic leader with 25+ years of experience. As Managing Director of SchXer, he helps companies manage risk and continue to thrive, and as co-founder of Truspot_ar, he has revolutionized augmented reality for virtual seat purchasing and fan viewing. Gregory is an inspirational figure for many, and his story is sure to be a source of motivation and strength to those going through their own cancer journey.

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Profile artwork for Gregory Proctor
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