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Gregory & Gail Hoag

“Gail & Gregory Hoag, 40+ yrs in Sacred Geometry, blend love & consciousness. Health tech innovators for stress reduction & planetary energy.”


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Meet Gail and Gregory Hoag: A Rare Fusion of Consciousness and Love

With over four decades of dedicated expertise in the realm of Sacred Geometry, they have illuminated the path to transformation, health, heightened awareness, stress reduction, and the removal of electromagnetic interference.

Their visionary contributions extend beyond theory; Gail and Gregory have pioneered groundbreaking technologies that have touched lives across the globe. From their creation of energetic chambers to the development of intricate geometric grids, they have harnessed the power of Sacred Geometry to amplify planetary energies and elevate the human experience.

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Sacred Geometry Tools

Metaforms Sacred Geometry Tools offer higher dimensional access for spiritual evolution, connection with higher self, manifestation and more compassionate relationships.

Metaforms- Sacred Geometry Tools

Metaforms- Sacred Geometry Tools, Lyons, Colorado. 7,647 likes · 3 were here. Tools to elevate your energy, live a happier, more soulful life, improving intuition, focus and...

Profile artwork for Gregory & Gail Hoag
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