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Gregory Anne Cox

“For women over 50 who want honest, unconventional answers to the questions they wrestle with about their changing bodies and lives.”


About Me

Aging happens but it doesn't have to ruin your life.

From perimenopause to meno and beyond, women encounter hormonal disruptions, a changing body, and not a whole lot of helpful information on how to maintain their health, a body they feel good in, and their confidence that they are doing what it takes to be healthy for the long haul. And enjoy the ride. 

I've been coaching women on life, health, weight loss, and mindset for 17 years. As a podcast host I know the importance of answering the questions asked, brevity with impact, humor when appropriate. I'm articulate, can be sassy, have spoken on stages, and want the best for your audience and your reputation.


Calories In, Calories Out is not the answer to weight loss after 50

Your hormones run the show and not just in bed. Learn the most important hormones to manage for more energy, stable weight, and loving life.

Cholesterol is not the enemy and lower does not mean better

There are only 5 things you need to remember when it comes to a forever body and health for the long haul

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Profile artwork for Gregory Anne Cox
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