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Greg Lacy

“I am a podcast host with a show centered around the experience of black lives, would like to connect with hosts that contextually aligns”


About Me

I am an Air Force veteran from Compton, CA currently working as a media planner for a streaming service. I currently host the 'Speak My Peace Podcast' which covers the uncut experience of black people. From mental health to gentrification to sports to financial literacy to fights for equality to highlighting social injustices, I cover a wide range of topics. Looking to connect with hosts/shows with similar interest.

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‎Society & Culture · 2023

Speak My Peace Podcast

Listen to Speak My Peace Podcast on Spotify. Too often opinions are shared and decisions are made by those who are not equipped with the experience nor empathy pertaining to those who are not always given the opportunity to detail their experiences. Speak My Peace is a space where those voices are heard, join host Greg Lacy every Thursday as he details these stories.

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