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Gordon Stein

“Personal Finance Author, Keynote Speaker and Blogger at Wealth with no budgeting, no hassles, no risk and no BS!”


About Me

Wealth with minimal effort and minimal sacrifice

Most financial writers preach saving 10%, budgeting and giving up the things you love to save more. This makes sense since everyone loves budgeting and giving up things they love! Oh, and they don't have the 10% to save!

I'm a personal finance blogger, speaker and author of Cashflow Cookbook - a unique personal finance book that includes 60 financial "recipes" that show the reader how to free up more than $13,000 of monthly cashflow for debt pay down or investment. Yes, monthly! 

Cashflow Cookbook is available in both US and Canadian editions and is available on Amazon worldwide. I speak on the book full time, helping clients of wealth advisors to free up more cashflow for investing and helping employees improve their financial wellness.

I created an entirely different approach for the average person to build wealth with minimal effort, minimal sacrifice and no budgeting. 

Top Rated podcasts

As a podcast guest, my goal is to make my host shine. I strive to be the top rated guest on every show I have been on. As a speaker I am fully media trained and was a featured speaker at the Apple Executive Briefing Center in both Toronto and Cupertino. I have done every type of presenting from podcasts to college lecturing, TV and keynote speaking. My studio is fully equipped with professional lighting, high resolution webcam, acoustic panels and Shure SM7B microphone.

News they can use

People listen to podcasts to gain useful information. Tips they can set to work immediately. I deliver this on every show, offering ideas that can add millions to listener's wealth. All with minimal effort or sacrifice.

Let's get you your best show yet!

Tell me about your demographic, their interests and what they look for in your show. Where are you trying to take the show? What difference are you trying to effect in the lives of your listeners? My focus is solely on delivering to those kinds of questions. Let's do this!

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Profile artwork for Gordon Stein
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