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Glenn Rudin

“80% of your listeners fail with: Messaging, Elevator Pitch, & Branding, etc! I share key tips & strategies on how to improve these & more.”


About Me

80% of your listeners struggle with some or all of their Messaging and Elevator Pitch. They don't understand how important Branding (personal and business) is to their success.

They call me; The Message Master – I help companies and individuals find their Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and points of Differentiation (MESSAGING), so that they stand out in their marketplace when compared to their competition.

YOUR listeners don't get a 2nd chance to make a positive impression.

Confused customers don't ask...They simply move on to the next choice in the marketplace.

So…Let's get YOUR listener's MESSAGES right!

I've spent my career in Sales, Marketing and Product Development.

I specialize in Messaging and Branding.

I WILL help your listeners:

⦿ Learn how to Create the Perfect their Message.

⦿ Develop their Company’s Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

⦿ Train their Team on how to deliver a great pitch for their Company.

I've just published my first book: A Brand In Your Hand

It is the Business World's first fully rhyming and full color book on Branding.

MESSAGING is the key to all of YOUR listener's Company’s Marketing and Sales communications.

Their new Message will get integrated into:

⦿ Their Company’s Elevator Pitch

⦿ Website Landing Page

⦿ Promotional Materials

⦿ Business Cards

I’ve Developed and Sold products to the biggest and most well known customers in the USA:

⦿ Walmart

⦿ Target


⦿ Walgreens

⦿ Disney

⦿ Universal Studios

⦿The NBA

I am an expert in Consumer Goods Product Development, Sourcing and Manufacture.

Some of the 250 plus items I’ve manufactured and sold:

⦿ Plush Toys

⦿ Small Electronics

⦿ Promotional Products

⦿ Apparel

⦿ Printed Goods

⦿ Displays

I can help any Company develop, source, manufacture and import its products.

Let's talk about your listener's company's Sales and Marketing goals, I am sure I can help!

And... Let's get THEIR Company’s MESSAGE right!

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Profile artwork for Glenn Rudin
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