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Glenn Parker

“Best-selling author, consultant, organizational, team, and leadership expert, cancer survivor, community activist & top-rated podcast guest.”


About Me

Author of some 17 books, including several best-sellers, Glenn is a leadership and team effectiveness consultant to some of the world's leading organizations. Most recently, he is the co-author (with his son, Michael) of Positive Influence: The Leader Who Helps People Become Their Best Self (HRD Press, 2020). Michael and Glenn are also co-authors of a new book, Positive Influence II: Leadership in a Time of Crisis (HRD Press, 2023). The book recently won a 2023 Goody Business Book Award in the most competitive category, "Leadership: Think Differently."

I will share our current research, including stories, quotes, and proven tools that will both inspire and help you be a Positive Influence on people in your organization as well as provide specific tips on how to increase your effectiveness as a leader. I can also talk about how successful people cope with negative influences in their lives and "pay it forward" to help others become successful

Using our most recent interviews with CEOs and other senior leaders we break down the major challenges faced during the COVID-19 crisis, how they dealt with the challenges, and what they learned about how to be a more effective leader in both daily and crisis situations.

What Insights Can I Bring to the Conversation?

Some key learnings from all these experiences include:

1. People are most impacted by stories of how real people have been impacted by the issues. As a result, we make great use of stories, provided by the many people we have interviewed, to illuminate the findings and conclusions.

2. People want to go beyond “oh, that’s interesting” to “how can I use it to increase my effectiveness and achieve my goals?” Therefore, we always share the specific “how-to” or “what can I do with this information to increase my effectiveness as a successful leader?”

What Topics Can We Discuss on Your Podcast?

1. How Do I Become a Positive Influence Leader.

2. Positive Influence Leadership in a Time of Crisis.

3. How Do You Overcome the Impact of Negative Influences.

4. How Can Your Organization Increase Leadership Effectiveness.

Why Am I Approaching You?

I am approaching you with a request to be a guest on your podcast because I have reviewed and listened to some of your previous interviews. I very much like your focus on the specifics, i.e., how can you, the listener, use this information to be more successful and to help your organization achieve its goals.

What Freebees Can We Offer?

We will be pleased to provide you with a personalized signed copy of our book. And with your permission, we can offer to send a free copy of the book to the first five people who email us their mailing addresses.

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Profile artwork for Glenn Parker
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