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Gillian Manton

“Homesteading, Gardening, preserving, heavy equipment operations, land and wildlife management I'm all in like a dirty shirt!”


About Me

Hi! My name is Gillian I am a bubbly Young homesteader that's starting from scratch on our 13 acre property.

I have been a passionate gardener and...we'll eater my whole life. With our passion for foods and ingredients that were harder to find the natural thought was to do it ourselves. So I guess you could say our homesteading is a good title for our diy enthusiasm gone enthusiastic. Iv also never been a fan of people telling me I can't or shouldn't do something so iv made it my passtime to learn unexpected hobbies. From becoming an international exotic animal trainer to learning to drive my favorite heavy machinery. I'm a person that likes to get a job done with purpose.

Profile artwork for Gillian Manton
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