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Georgina Halabi

“Unlock your innate wisdom. Strengthen the part of your brain that serves you. Step into performance AND wellbeing!”


About Me

I am a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with over 25 years of senior roles within business and marketing, as well as a lifetime of experience in meditation and self-discovery. It has always been essential for me to balance two fundamental needs: outer success and inner peace. 

Today, I help professionals to overcome self doubt and step into their greatness - both personally and professionally.

What value can I bring?

I use a unique blend of left and right-brain disciplines including neuroscience, positive intelligence, buddhism, NLP and goal visualization - to help you quieten your mind and tap into your wisdom within. So you can have both peak performance AND wellbeing (not one at the expense of the other).

Of note:

  • 25+ years senior business
  • 4 yrs Buddhist philosophy study (to the level of novice monk)
  • 30+ yrs meditation
  • Hypnobirthed my 2 daughters
  • Certifications: NLP, Positive Intelligence, PCC certified coach
  • I am based in the UK, lived in Asia for 18 years, and work with clients all over the world, from Australia to the Americas to Europe.

Here are some ideas for topics that are dear to my heart:

  • Optimising strategy, commerce and self-growth
  • NLP and goal visualisation
  • Empowering your beliefs
  • Step Into Flow
  • Mental Fitness
  • Duality
  • How to Manage Self Talk
  • Step Into Your Confidence
  • Understand your Saboteurs
  • Tips to stay happy, healthy and sane as you smash your targets!¬†
  • Manifesting

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Profile artwork for Georgina Halabi
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