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George Siegal

“George Siegal is a homeowner with over 40 years of personal experience, a former television weatherman, and a documentary filmmaker.”


About Me

Hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes are downright terrifying, and preparing for them is serious business. How many homeowners actually know how to effectively prepare for natural disasters? Do they know it starts way before getting extra bottles of water or cans of food? In fact, for some homeowners -- disaster preparedness starts before their house is even built! For homeowners who have no control over the construction of their homes - what can they do now? As a rising Filmmaker, Podcaster and former local Weathercaster I have those answers and am urging homeowners to shift their mindsets and actions about disaster preparedness. 

During my career, I have witnessed first-hand how families are victimized by a natural disaster that deprived them of their homes, food, clothing, and sacred belongings, partly due to a lack of planning. I have also witnessed homeowners' emotional and financial turmoil after a natural disaster. As a guest on your podcast, I will share critical strategies for them to implement before and after a natural disaster that will help to reduce its negative impact. 

I started a podcast last year called Tell Us How to Make It Better, Every week I interview someone who has identified a problem, and is doing something to try and make it better.

I use an Electro Voice RE20 mic to capture quality sound, and I am comfortable discussing anything you throw at me.

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Profile artwork for George Siegal
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