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Genie Joseph

“Genie Joseph, Ph.D. Emmy Award winner is the Executive Director of the non-profit, The Human-Animal Connection, and author of a new book.”


About Me

Changing the way humanity relates to animals is our mission at The Human-Animal Connection, We help people better understand and communicate with the animals who share their lives. We believe that animals have emotions, intentions, desires, and opinions. Everything changes when you learn to enter the language of silence and connect with animals in a way that they understand.

I was co-host of Love Life Radio, an interview talk show in Hawaii for six years, and host of Dogs are Healers, a cable TV show. I am an Emmy award-winning filmmaker and author of a new bestselling book The Human-Animal Connection. I have worked with over 4,000 Service Members and veterans, and for this work was awarded President Obama's volunteer service award. I volunteer at various animal shelters, and my specialty is helping shy and traumatized dogs recover and heal. All of the dogs I have worked with have been adopted, even though they were very challenging cases. I created a therapy dog program called Canines Teach Compassion. We work in high school classrooms and help reduce stress by 62% as reported in student surveys. We are also going to be starting a Prison Therapy Dog Program. I am a dog trainer, with some innovative methods to deepen the connection between people and the animals who share their lives.

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Profile artwork for Genie Joseph
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