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Geillan Aly

“Math Educator, Entrepreneur, Academic, Problem Solver, DEI Expert”


About Me

Dr. Geillan Aly, the Founder of Compassionate Math, is a math educator who centers the socioemotional factors that contribute to success in mathematics. She holds the fundamental assumption that that learning math is both an emotional and cognitive endeavor. A former award-winning Assistant Professor who has taught for over fifteen years, Dr. Aly transforms math classrooms through engaging professional development and student-focused workshops that center emotions while establishing a culture of engaging with rigorous mathematics. She received her PhD in Teaching and Teacher Education and Master’s in Mathematics from the University of Arizona. Underlying Dr. Aly’s work is a dedication to equity and social justice. She enjoys traveling and seeing live music and is an avid chef, wife, and mother to a beautiful boy.

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Math education professional development and consulting

Professional development and workshops in math focusing on socio-emotional learning and proven methods to remove blocks and improve math skills.

Inspirations in Education: A Conversation with Dr. Geillan Aly, Founder & CEO of Compassionate Math

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