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Gareth Davies

“Injury cut short my football career, I thought the world was so cruel. It became my biggest blessing. Now 30+ years later I'm grateful.”


About Me

My Dream Gets Trashed at 16

Devastated at 16 when I was called into the football club office to be told that I was no longer required.

At 23 I got my act together, started dreaming again, and worked hard on the training ground. Finally realising my boyhood dream at the age of 27.

Disaster struck again after just 3 games. A severe knee injury caused my premature retirement.

From training 4 times and playing once a week, to suddenly not being able to run, predictably I put on weight.

I dived into every nutrition book I could find, travelled the globe to learn from experts, quickly deciding a plant based diet was my best option.

I helped others regulate their weight and feel healthier, raising my own self-esteem in the process..

Now living in Norway I continue to help people improve their health, especially those in later life.

I will help your audience understand that the correct attitude is vital, and the 3 key things that I discovered that lead to health, even fr those with chronic sickness.

Your Guests Will Know...

They can get through tough times

The biggest problems in life are valuable lessons

If we look hard at our problems we can find hidden gems

Every adversary has within it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.

There is always a way.

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Profile artwork for Gareth Davies
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