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Gareth Beverley

“20 yr technology veteran, passionate about innovation. Pioneering Drones for Data, Deliveries & Transport.”


About Me

Gareth Beverley is the leader of Consortiq, a multinational drone consulting, operations and training company.

Passionate about innovation and continuous improvement. He has spent his 20+ year career innovating in the technology sector in industries as diverse as Air Traffic Control and Insurance. He now lends his eye to how Autonomous Vehicles (drones) can lead to a better way to gather data, & transport people and goods.

He has spoken at industry conferences and professional organisations on subjects such as Blueprints for Smart Cities, Implementing Drones, Drones and Blockchain, and Innovation vs Regulation.

Outside of work Gareth is a Martial Artist (Brazililan Jiu Jitsu), and photographer, who paints miniatures [Warhammer] and has been known to Snowboard. He's also a huge Star Wars fan.

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Profile artwork for Gareth Beverley
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