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Fred Von Burg

“I am the Founder and CEO of Pergola Kits USA Inc. We design and sell ready-to-assemble pergola kits and pavilion kits. We ship nationwide.”


About Me

Me and my team at Pergola Kits USA Inc. have years of experience helping thousands of people design what is often the centerpiece of their outdoor living space: a pergola or pavilion.

Pergola kits and pavilion kits appeal to:

  1. do-it-yourself (DIY) enthusiasts
  2. tradesmen
  3. homeowners (who may or may not want to lift a finger)
  4. general contractors of all sizes

Things your listeners may want to learn:

  1. Why do tradesmen like ready-to-assemble pergola kits?
  2. Why do-it-yourselfers (DIYers) buy kits?
  3. How customizable are these structures? (very)
  4. What options are available?
  5. Who do kit makers compete with?
  6. Assembly Q&A
  7. Permitting and zoning discussion
  8. How do these kits ship? How are they delivered?
  9. What are the pros and cons of all various materials?
  10. How can surmount challenges posed by particular yards or spaces?
  11. Things to watch out for, tips, and helpful advice.
  12. The pros and cons of:
  • a) building your own pergola or pavilion from scratch
  • b) purchase a kit and assemble it yourself
  • c) purchase a kit and have a tradesman assemble it
  • d) have a tradesman design an build a pergola/pavilion from scratch

More about Pergola Kits USA Inc.:

At Pergola Kits USA Inc., we advise you on materials, design, size, and options. We provide drawings and engineering.

We then fabricate these designs and ship them to customers as ready-to-assemble kits. We guide customers thru assembly via printed manuals, videos, and on-call assistance.

Many of customers have unique needs, but many of them share similar objectives:

  • create an outdoor living space
  • create a focal point or gathering place for friends and family
  • establish protection from the sun and rain.

Our structures are used principally in backyards, but also in parks, churches, and public venues. Our designs are very customizable.

Illustrative orders:

  • 13ft x 17ft backyard pergola made of Western Red Cedar, lattice roof, retractable canopy, Walnut color stain, 8x8 posts, broad-fade corner braces
  • 16ft x 21ft hip-roof pavilion made of treated pine with vinyl trim board sheathing, Copper Metal Panel roofing, custom painted ceiling, fan mount, electrical package, engineered for 80 psf snow load
  • 40ft x 80ft open-gable pavilion made of PT pine (serves as a shelter at a performing arts center), engineered trusses, posts sunk three feet into concrete, heavy duty post brackets.

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Profile artwork for Fred Von Burg
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