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Ferdinand Mehlinger

“Not ashamed to admit that I begged a billionaire to teach me what he knew... Thankfully he accepted, and the rest is history.”


About Me

I thought I had it all until I saw someone who had everything I had dreamed of. Dropping my pride and realizing I had a lot more to learn, I literally begged to be taught everything I didn't know.

Now I'm partnered with 7 different ventures that make up my portfolio. 2 companies that specialize in biotech and FDA regulated products. One cannabis venture, a smell neutralization company, one digital marketing agency and a fitness influencer product partnership.

I always get asked to share what I was taught so that is my goal with my podcast.

If you are interested in being on the show, please go to this link to complete the initial booking process.

We are extremely thorough in researching our guests so that we have depth to our show. So please be aware that it takes time for each booking and our team puts in a minimum of 3 hours of research per guest. As well as our pre-show prep meeting we hold with all of our guests to make sure we are asking questions you are comfortable with and to go over the shows SOP's (standard operating procedures).

After we record the episode with each of our guests, it goes to the editing bay to get ready for post production and then we add the episode. You will receive a copy of the podcast episode as well as a link to all the platforms we have our podcast on.

This includes: Spreaker, Anchor, Apple podcasts, Google podcasts, Spotify, Squadcast, iHeart Radio and more.

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Profile artwork for Ferdinand Mehlinger
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