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Farzin Mazinani

“I empower people who despite seemingly outward success, find it challenging to attain inner happiness due to emotional and mental struggles.”


About Me

I'm an award-winning author and a dedicated Joyfulness Transformation Coach and Mentor, Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, Certified Belief Clearing Practitioner, and the creator of a modality called “JoyfulFix Quantum Healing”. My story dates back to the time I got injured at work many years ago. Even after recovering initially, I suffered from chronic upper back pain. MRI scans and other tests didn't reveal much, and all therapies provided only temporary relief, lasting no more than a week. For 15 long years, I had to visit physiotherapists or chiropractors just to function normally for a short while that mostly wouldn’t last over a week. You can imagine the time, money, and countless medications I tried, along with their side effects, just to manage the pain.

One day, while discussing my situation with a friend, she suggested that she might be able to help. Skeptical, I explained that I had consulted many specialists and attempted various treatments over 15 years. She insisted there was no harm in trying her approach. So, we scheduled an appointment, and she began working on me over the phone for a couple of sessions. She helped me release trapped emotions tied to the work accident long ago—emotions like insecurity, fear, and anxiety related to losing my job at the time and being unable to support my family in that situation.

I felt better after the sessions with her, but I thought it was just another temporary relief. However, to my surprise, the pain never returned. I was left in awe, contemplating how just a couple of sessions and the release of these invisible emotional burdens could set me free from long-lasting pain. During this process, my friend mentioned that she saw a potential for me to work in this field. Inspired by this, I decided to embark on a journey to help others and it changed the direction of my life.

After going through the training and certification process under the biggest authorities in that field, as I worked on myself and others on various issues, I found that most problems have a root-cause in invisible trapped emotions and beliefs. I noticed a significant shift from anxiety, depression and anger to a profound sense of joy often experienced during the clearing process. This transformation motivated me to help more people experience the same shift from within. I gradually developed my own approach and modality called “JoyfulFix Quantum Healing”, to enhance the effectiveness of the work I was doing. Today, my greatest satisfaction comes from witnessing someone break free from the prison of inner blocks, embracing a joyful life through this transformative process. My methodologies center around addressing the root cause of problems at the subconscious level like trapped emotions, limiting beliefs, social programming to ensure people not only excel professionally but also thrive personally.

Across my many years of coaching and mentoring, I've:

  • Designed various programs and helped many people transform their physical, emotional and mental well-being.
  • Authored and published my book just in a three months called “Joyful Fix, How to Break Free from Stagnation and Move Forward in Life”.
  • Received the “Joyfulness Transformation Coach” award from my publisher.
  • Created a modality called “Joyfulfix Quantum Healing” with tools and techniques like Joyfulfix SOS which can turn misery to joy in an instant. 

Here are some topics I can discuss about:

  • Three types of stagnation and how they affect our lives
  • How to live an impactful life
  • What is the real definition of success and how to achieve it
  • What is blocking us from getting what we want
  • How to ignite the Fire Within to stand up and move forward in life
  • Self love and forgiveness demystified
  • What are different stages of Consciousness and how they determine our level of success
  • How anxiety, depression and anger steal our present moments and how they are formed
  • How to heal ourselves from any physical, emotional and mental ailments
  • How to play the game of life with fun

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Profile artwork for Farzin Mazinani
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