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Eugene Lee

“Burnout Recovery coach helping high achievers build a healthier work-life balance and break the stigma around mental health in the workplace”


About Me

Long shifts, little sleep, copious amounts of coffee. Hell yeah I’ve been there. The most terrifying part? For most people, their wake-up call only comes when they run out of time.

For me, it started as a passionate, hard-working intern. But pushing the needle for a little too long for maximum productivity resulted in full blown burnout and anxiety at age 27.

I honestly thought it was heart failure.

This was my wake-up call, and thus began my burnout recovery journey over the next 3 years. Through trial and error I’ve undergone countless exercises, meditations, guru teachings, and techniques to discover what really works (and also a lot of what does not work).

These experiences I’ve gone through to overcome stress and anxiety without medication have transformed my life. Now, it’s my mission to help others overcome burnout and build a healthy work-life balance without feeling like they need to quit their job in order to accomplish what they want.

Give Yourself Some Leeway, hosted by Eugene Lee, is dedicated to helping those motivated by achievement to deal with workplace stress, burnout, and striking that balance between a successful career and a balanced life through practice, patience and self-compassion.

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Whether you’re an individual looking for guidance with the burnout recovery roadmap or a manager in a corporate organization wanting to prevent work stress, burnout, and related issues ("Quiet Quitting") from arising in your workplace, my specialist coaching, speaking and training can provide the solutions you’re looking for.

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