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“Technologist. Futurist. Humorist.”


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About Eugene Clark

Eugene Clark, the pseudonym of a seasoned serial entrepreneur from Chicago, launched his career after graduating from Yale. Initially testing the entrepreneurial waters in California with various startups, Clark struck gold in his hometown by establishing an early Internet Service Provider. The sale of this successful venture funded his global travels, enriching his understanding of diverse cultures.

Driven by an unyielding entrepreneurial spirit, Clark founded and subsequently sold a digital signage business and a video gaming company, yielding strong exits from each. His adventures took him to the outskirts of Sydney, Australia, where he settled down and started a family. However, after facing significant challenges conceiving after his first child, Clark and his wife turned to IVF, investing over $250,000 and several years into the process before welcoming their two youngest children.

This personal journey through IVF, coupled with the shadowy implications of Human Genetic Engineering (HuGE), ignited Clark’s curiosity about the future impacts of these technologies on humanity. This curiosity blossomed into years of intensive research, culminating in the “Genetic Pressure” book series.

Clark is not a scientist but a futurist. His insights, grounded in keen observations of current trends, compel him to pose critical questions about our collective future. Through “Genetic Pressure,” he offers potential answers—challenging, perhaps uncomfortable, yet undeniably crucial for our time.

About Genetic Pressure - 7 volume series

Should the rich be allowed to buy designer babies?

What does tribalism and discrimination look like in a world with human genetic engineering?

What roles will science, technology, and religion play?

Will science and medicine go where the money is, abandoning the quest to cure diseases and other important research?

A riveting and thought-provoking series that takes you on a thrilling ride through the imminent world of designer babies.

The storyline begins with Rachael and Max each contemplating – and eventually experiencing – parenthood by designing their babies with the help of Better Genetics Corporation.

We then follow their designer babies, Esther and Martin, as they grow and experience the rewards, challenges, and potentially dangerous consequences of being designer babies.

Rooted at the intersection of science and society, Esther and Martin’s journeys provide an eye-opening view of our future as we move faster and faster towards a world impacted by this new breed of humans.

Whether we like it or not, our collective future will all be impacted by Human Genetic Engineering and the advent of Designer Babies. Author Eugene Clark’s Genetic Pressure asks the questions today that we need to answer sooner rather than later.

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Eugene Clark

Explore the realm of Human Genetic Engineering alongside Eugene Clark, the acclaimed author of "Genetic Pressure." In his captivating fictional series, Clark delves into the realms of how the human species may evolve, unraveling the complex tapestry of hopes and fears that surround Human Genetic Engineering. Eugene Clark's profound expertise in these subjects positions him as a futurist ready to navigate the forthcoming discussions that will shape our world, rife with both anticipation and apprehension. Clark's Genetic Pressure series fearlessly forecasts the future, drawing insights from the present, and posing critical questions that demand our attention: What does buying a designer baby mean? What would a company that sold designer babies be like? What would life be like as a designer baby? Join Eugene Clark here on his channel where he talks about his series, the state of today’s science behind human genetic engineering, and the ethical & cultural implications of it.

Profile artwork for Eugene Clark
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