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“Sustainable Accessories Founder wins CFDA Lauchpad fellowship after just 2 years in business”


About Me

I started my company, Dirty Celebrity, after spending 5 years at a big brother corporate job during the pandemic. I cashed out my 401K and in the months won the Klarna Initiative, was named Alternative Designer of the year bt Lux Magazine and was invited to join the Accessories Council. We then went on to win the CFDA x Accessories Council Fellowship, A venture capital fund x PNC and Cornlus and a co-working space at Luminary.

We are now in our 3rd year of business and would love to share our goal of a sustainable fashion industry and how we want to lead the charge. Our products are made from either deadstock or organic materials and we manufacture and source locally to make sure workers are paid a fair wage.

Some of the topics I want to talk about:

The rise of Generation Jones and what it means for the fashion Industry

NY wants to regulate fashion with the NY Fashion Act but what does it mean for fashion?

France is taxing plastic clothes..will it change consumer habits?

Why is high fashion failing and fast fashion winning?

My company's core beliefs

Anything fashion related

I am an asexual woman and identify as Hispanic, Jamaican and Irish.

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Dirty Celebrity - Sustainable accessories

Sustainable accessories made from eco-friendly materials to produce handbags, jewelry, hats, scarves and outerwear. Jewelry repair available.

Profile artwork for Estime YVETTE
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