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Ernest Ellender

“The Black Belt Trauma Coach: Author with experience in generational trauma and martial arts, contributing to individual and family wellness!”


About Me

My adventures and achievements throughout life have been consistently fueled by several obsessions, much discipline, and fortunate opportunities. Some highlights include:

  • Martial arts obsession started in college
  • PhD in clinical psychology (California 2007)
  • Founded first Crossfit affiliate in Louisiana (2007)
  • Earned BJJ black belt in 8 years (2008)
  • Martial arts school owner since 2008
  • While practicing as a clinical psychologist, I wanted to answer a specific question, "How is it possible for one child to encounter so much trauma within one family environment?"
  • Studied, researched, and experimented with my curriculum to find 20 total variables
  • In 2024, published first psychology book that presents my curriculum for healing from generational family traumas
  • Focused now on life coaching intensives for clients
  • Benefits to podcast as a guest...
  1. Point out the way in which your podcast is (or can) positively contribute to healing processes for listeners (self-education, daily positive vibes, access to resources, etc.)
  2. Application of trauma-informed care concepts to anything! We share with the audience healthy and sensitive ways to address real-world struggles.
  3. Able to discuss very complex concepts regarding trauma (dissociation, self-fulfilling prophecies,

Please feel free to contact me to see if I would be a great fit for your podcast. Thanks for your consideration!

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Life Coach Ernest Ellender, PhD - 309 Goode St, Ste 3E, Houma, LA 70360

Ernest Ellender, PhD is a Life Coach in Houma who offers professional guidance and support both online and in-person to coaching clients ready to achieve their loftiest life and relationship goals. Get started today moving in the direction you want to go!

Ernest Ellender, PhD | books about childhood trauma

Ernest Ellender, PhD's book about healing from childhood traumas is an efficient guide for trauma survivors navigating their healing journeys. Perhaps the most realistic and encouraging of the books about trauma healing, as well as books about C-PTSD recovery.

Houma Martial Arts | Evolution Training

Houma's premier traditional family martial arts academy offering kids, adults, and women-only programs at Evolution Training, LLC.

Profile artwork for Ernest Ellender
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