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Erin Ruane

“CMO of Trader Interactive, Erin's expertise as a guest has a wide range, bolstered by strong industry data and unique personal anecdotes.”


About Me

About Erin:

With more than twenty-five years of experience in sales and marketing, including fifteen years in digital marketplaces, Erin Ruane has a strong track record of motivating teams and exceeding goals. Her marketing teams have provided new, digital marketing solutions, product offerings, and educational resources, helping to bolster the brands and companies she has worked for.

Erin is currently the CMO of Trader Interactive, the leading marketplace for the powersports, recreational vehicle, aircraft, marine, commercial vehicle, and heavy equipment industries.

Areas Of Expertise:

Erin enjoys discussing any of the following topics:

-Marketing and brand creation

-Trends in powersports, RVs, boats, and other vehicle market sales

-Corporate management, coordination, and communication

-E-Commerce and digital shopping

-Women in Business

-Travel tips and destinations.

-And more!

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Profile artwork for Erin Ruane
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