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I'm Erin Andrea Craske, a natural-born rebel with a unique blend of three distinct and statistically rare personalities. I'm intensely analytical, logical, and rational while also deeply spiritual and fiercely authentic — a true example of raw individuality. I thrive on defying the status quo and challenging authority, which often makes me a misfit in the corporate world.

I've been fortunate enough to spend the last 20 years diving deep into the world of strategy and leadership in various industries. I have built over 40 top-notch brands across different sectors in companies such as L'Oréal, Reckitt Benckiser, British American Tobacco, SSL International, Mars, P&G, and Walgreen Boots Alliance. My passion lies in strategic development, building self-selling brands, personal growth, and authentic leadership.

With an academic background, 15 years of leadership and coaching experience, international business awards in brand strategy and communication, and a journey through profound inner awakening, I've delved into executive transformation coaching to empower fellow business rebels to break boundaries and spread contribution throughout their professional and personal lives.

In my executive coaching business and with my newly released all-in-one strategy guide / a modern marketing toolbox - 'From Purpose To Profit', I am talking to ethical and nonconforming leaders who want to live effortlessly by their own rules, achieve success on their terms, and build a profitable business while amplifying a ripple effect of goodness.

So, if your audience is ready to shake things up and make some waves in their business journey, I'm here to lend a hand!

Business & leadership themes to explore:

  • Introducing 6 pillars for effortless profitability flow (guaranteed!)
  • How to avoid business detrimental mistakes in the first 3 to 5 years in operation
  • There is no business without a strategy
  • How to lead effortlessly (going beyond authenticity)
  • Why I-know-it-all yet don't know much business owners are the biggest threat
  • Why purpose and contribution are keys to resilience, motivation, business morale, and employee retention

Life & self-improvement themes to explore:

  • Steps to effortless living or three stages of freedom
  • Why is embracing effortlessness and one's own rules the only way through
  • Effortlessness philosophy is a key to a mentally healthy success

If there is a match and I am the right guest to contribute to your audience and create engagement, this is what I am willing to offer:

  • A gift of two full coaching sessions to the listeners
  • A 50% discount on the strategy guide - all-in-one marketing toolbox
  • Freebies: business surveys, marketing frameworks, quotes, and strategy guide materials
  • Personalised podcast promotion on LinkedIn (1,252 connections & 1,246 followers)
  • Feature of episodes on the website
  • Outstanding podcast reviews on all relevant platforms

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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