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Erik Everhard

“Author, Men's coach, and former Professional Pornstar. I help high achieving men last longer, perform better, and become confident in bed.”


About Me

Erik Everhard is an Author, Men’s sexual performance coach and former adult film star who specializes in helping high achieving men overcome premature ejaculation, crush anxiety, and recognize and master the primary cues responsible for making over 85% of women orgasm.

As the founder of the Everhard Academy, Erik leverages the “10,000 hours on his back”, to give his clients real world techniques, tactics, and mindsets, gleaned from his 25 years as one of the top actors in the entire world. Real actionable techniques that deliver a real arousal response.

Driven to have men know the feeling of absolute confidence in bed and the gaze of raw female desire is the core message behind his Academy and coaching techniques. No man can separate his sexual prowess from his sense of masculinity and if this is not cultivated, a dead bedroom is the natural result.

Some of his most well received topics include:

  • The power of the mind and how 90% of men’s failure starts there.
  • How men are struggling under the pressures to perform and the greater expectations of women.
  • The pharmaceutical industrial complex and how men have lost belief in their ability to perform naturally
  • How to lead in the bedroom with confidence and maintain sexual polarity.
  • The secrets to biohacking your body to last as long as you consciously choose to.

Erik is a Masters level NLP practitioner, has one every male performer award, and been enshrined in the AVN hall of fame. His immense “boots on the ground” experience from over 5000 sexual conquests gives him a unique ability to improve men's performance in the bedroom through unique frameworks, techniques, and specific cues to read the woman's body like braille. Making orgasms easy and effortless to create, leading to greater confidence, self esteem, and happier relationships.

His total following is approximately 165,000 between social media, email, and other channels.

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Author and elite sexual skills coach for men, Erik Everhard reveals the tips, tricks, and techniques gained from his two decades as a professional porn star.

Erik Everhard

Erik Everhard is one of the top paid and most recognized performers in adult films of the last two decades. He has won numerous Male performer awards and been enshrined in the hall of fame of the AVN and XRCO organizations. In 2010 he embarked on a transformational journey studying NLP at one of the top institutions in America. Since then he has dedicated his time and effort to helping men by teaching them elite level sexual skills to have confidence with women in the bedroom.

Profile artwork for Erik Everhard
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