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Eric Michael

“I am a 7 figure sports card dealer and own an online coaching program that has taught over 500+ people how to do this.”


About Me

I started with sports cards back in 2015 and my friend was lucky enough to show me the ropes a little bit.

In October of 2016 I made my first big splash where I bought an old lot of cards for $11,000 and flipped it for $39,000.

After that I got the entrepreneurship bug and determined the cubicle life wasn't for me.

I slowly started to travel the country going to sports card shows and cracked the code on how to make this a predictable revenue stream.

September of 2019 I discovered digital marketing and became obsessed. 5 months later I finally got an e-commerce store off the ground.

I got screwed by my supplier and was left 40k in the hole.

Nevertheless I kept pushing and convinced my partner to move out to Miami to get away and grind.

We messed around with a marketing agency and got it nowhere.

After a couple months he convinced me that people would pay for my sports card knowledge and we started Major League Profits.

I still remember to this day the first day we launched FB ads we were getting booked calls for $5/pop and made $3000 our first day in business!

Through a lot of bumps and bruises we will be hitting 100k months very soon and have helped hundreds

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Profile artwork for Eric Michael
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