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Eric Girard

“Over 30 years of experience in Leadership and Management Development, with a high-energy, fun style.”


About Me


Eric Girard is CEO of Girard Training Solutions. He specializes in the development of new managers, focusing on their successful transition to their new role and on their team management skills.

He has over 30 years of experience helping improve the performance of leaders, managers and employees. He is known for his high-energy and engaging facilitation style that delivers successful results.

Eric is the Amazon #1 Best Selling author of Lead Like a Pro - The Essential Guide for New Managers, and he's the host of the global top 10% podcast Management Development Unlocked, which is for new managers transitioning into their role.

He spent 20 years in Silicon Valley, developing leaders at Apple, Applied Materials, Symantec, Nutanix, Veritas, and other high-powered tech firms.

Speaking Topics

  • Transitioning from individual contributor/employee to manager
  • Bringing empathy to management
  • The basic blocking and tackling tasks you need to excel at as a new manager
  • How to meet people where they’re at as a leader
  • Getting the most out of your team
  • Communication and presentation skills
  • Personal productivity
  • Team effectiveness

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Profile artwork for Eric Girard
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