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Eric Araujo

“An average, neuro-diverse, intuitive person who is constantly looking to find new experiences and growth opportunities.”


About Me

I am your average, neuro-diverse, intuitive, sexually fluid person who is constantly looking to find new experiences and growth opportunities and is open to discussing my experiences.

As an almost 50-year-old person, my multi-phased journey of self-exploration always seems to start later than it should have.

In my 20's, I dropped out of college to work minimum wage jobs. Sometimes I would find myself working between 50 to 70 hours a week, while in my off time, I offered myself, free of charge, as a personal companion for women. After burning myself out, I "ran away" where I spent several months in Vegas,

In my 30's, I found myself building a professional trade. It was during this time I joined both the swinging and BDSM communities. I helped local promoters throw parties and community events.

In my 40's, I was diagnosed w/ ADD/ADHD, then Multiple Sclerosis. After working to stabilize myself medically, I decided to live my life and find experiences I was too scared to pursue.

You may ask, what was I scared of? We being myself. I enjoy pleasing others, just as long as I "fit in" with what the world wants me to be. That is when I started to really expand myself. I joined the sex-positive community and have made myself an ally of the sex-worker community. I came to terms with my pansexual identity. I have been a "stunt cock" in people's fantasies and even started an OnlyFans page.

Profile artwork for Eric Araujo
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