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Eran Thomson

“✏️Writer 🎬Director 🏆Creative Director 📣HypeMan 🛠️Serendipity Engineer 🌱Potential Seer 🤝CoConspirator 🍿Reliable Raconteur 😂Joy Pusher”


About Me

Get the goods on my personal site:

Current focus is spreading joy with my new game: We can play remotely on your podcast if that sounds fun.


  • Master Storyteller and The Moth winner
  • Writer & Director
  • Product Inventor and Marketer
  • Business Founder (ongoing, failures, and exits from advertising to fin-tech)
  • Wordsmith & Idea Machine - thriving at the intersection of creativity and commerce
  • Funny and Smart
  • Cancer Survivor, but Mt. Everest kicked my ass
  • Expat (American living in Australia)
  • Insightful and can go deep into issues/personal development
  • Creative Leader and former advertising Creative Director
  • Comedy Lover (Founder Laugh Masters Academy, Comedy & Co)
  • Freestyle Rapper (booze helps my flow)
  • Podcaster: One Word Suggestion
  • Lucky Husband at
  • Life is learning

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Eran Thomson • Comedy Writer/Director • Creative Director

Eran Thomson is a screenwriter, writer/director and creative director who makes the world a better place with boundless creativity and stories well told.

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Top 100 Best Comedy Directors / Best Comedy Writers

Eran Thomson is an extremely important, super famous, un-egotistical comedy director and comedy writer. Count on him to deliver silly and smart work that sells.

Eran Thomson - #2 Freelance Creative Director / Copywriter

If you're looking for an award-winning freelance creative director or freelance copywriter who also happens to love donkeys, Eran Thomson is your man.

Profile artwork for Eran Thomson
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