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Emad Aldajani

“I am a clarity coach serving overwhelmed and confused start-up entrepreneurs, promising peace of mind, clarity, and resilience.”


About Me

My Journey in Entrepreneurship: Launching Successful Startups

My journey began in 2005, navigating through a fog of indecision, yearning for a clear and purposeful path to creating successful startups.

In high school, I questioned the conventional life scripts—school, marriage, children—a path that felt empty and devoid of meaning. Seeking answers, I immersed myself in teachings on the law of attraction and manifestation.

As I entered college, I began sharing what I believed were transformative life lessons. This marked the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey as a coach, which flourished for five impactful years.

However, in 2015, a critical investment misstep shook my life to its core, revealing that launching a successful startup is one thing; sustaining it is another. This wake-up call propelled me into a new phase of self-discovery and growth.

By 2023, I gained peace of mind, clarity, and direction by understanding not just how to launch but also how to sustain successful startup.

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Emad Aldajani

Emad Aldajani

Profile artwork for Emad Aldajani
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