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Elizabeth Fried

“The San Marcos Medium: What to expect from a reading and how you, too, can learn to connect to departed loved ones & pets across the veil.”


About Me

Spiritual Awakening

It was time to once again reinvent myself. As I approached retirement nearly 6 years ago, I explored acting and modeling. I learned a lot and had fun, doing print work, commercials, and some short films. However, most work was located in LA, and the 2+ hour commute from San Diego each way, plus an 8-10 hour shoot became a drag. So now what? Retire and enjoy the good life? Nope! My whole purpose in life is to be of service, so time to re-FIRE! But how?

I developed an interest in metaphysical phenomena during my early twenties when I underwent a jolting out-of-body experience. I found this a bit scary, and kept it mostly to myself.. So, I put it on the backburner and instead focused on developing and marketing my professional executive coaching practice in the “real world."

Then, about 15 years later, I unfortunately experienced three miscarriages. One morning, shortly after the last incident, I was on the phone with a client when the room suddenly developed a golden glow, which seemed slightly odd. Then I felt enveloped by an inexplicable deep and unconditional love. Next, I felt a gentle squeeze on my shoulder—all while carrying on my phone conversation! To see who was behind me, I whirled around in my chair, only to discover no one was there. Then as quickly as it came, the light and love mysteriously dissipated.

These awakenings led me to dabble in other metaphysical pursuits. I attended retreats & classes, but it was not until I retired that I developed an earnest interest in mediumship. After multiple courses and considerable practice, I discovered my reading accuracy is consistently between 70% and 100%. My greatest joy is delivering uplifting and healing messages from departed loved ones as well as heavenly messages from beloved pets–they have souls too!

My other passion is pro bono coaching for The Honor Foundation, a non-profit organization that works with special operations military, (Navy SEALs, Marine Raiders, Delta Force, Green Berets) to help them transition to the civilian workforce. All funds I earn from my mediumship readings are donated directly to this group.

What Other's Are Saying

"I just finished a one-hour session with Elizabeth and all I can say is WOW!!! In my first half hour she connected with my nephew who had passed a year ago. I never would have expected him to come through! She gave such an accurate description of him, his appearance, his personality, and even the cause, circumstances, and his age at the time of his tragic death. She conveyed his messages to me, and I cried with joy!

In my second half hour, I had placed two items in front of me that she did not know about. One was from my father, and one was from my step-father. She was able to connect with BOTH of them! When my hour was over, I felt so much lighter and happier!

My hour with Elizabeth was worth WAY more than what I paid. I immediately connected with her. Her genuineness and authenticity were quite evident. I am still overwhelmed with appreciation and gratitude! I am pleased to give Elizabeth Fried my very highest recommendation as a medium."

Lyn Kelley, Ph.D., MFT, CPC - President, GROW Training Institute, Inc.

I had a fantastic reading with Elizabeth! I have had readings before; this was special because it was the first time one of my former teammates came through and not one of my family members.

The reading was very accurate! Once we established with some certainty who was coming through, she shared some truly relevant and personal messages that could only have been from my former sniper buddy Matt. She shared that we were both snipers, how he passed, and a little about his personality.

The reading was spot on. She facilitated an immensely powerful experience, and I would recommend it to anyone that is interested in communing across the veil. The reading gave me reassurance that we persist, we are eternal beings having a human experience.

Thank you so much for sharing your gift!

JIM BYRNE, Retired Navy SEAL

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Elizabeth Fried The San Marcos Medium

Elizabeth discusses how she became awakened to Mediumship and using it raise funds for The Honor Foundation. Her website is



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