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Elissa Wilson

“~ The Ritual Woman ~ Transforming lives through sacred intention and empowering women to express their authentic selves in the world!”


About Me

I've spent the last 7+ years deep diving into my own self practices and study encompassing trauma informed sexuality, relationship and spiritual courses. I've sat in countless workshops, circles and rituals.

Through all of this a spark of recognition within has been fanned to flame and I get so juiced up talking about empowerment through embodied ritual, being our own authority through intuitive orientation and cultivating deep intimacy with ourselves and our loved ones.

I love inviting people to stand in a different perspective. To open themselves to a new possibility. And perhaps view something through a new lens. All from a curious orientation of being the witness of what is, with judgement and shame taking a back seat.

I stand for self respsonsiblity, self sovereignty and for owning our own shit. Which can at times feel polarising and challenging to the uninitiated. I believe that instead of looking up in attempts to raise our vibrations, we should look down at the shit, turn it to fertiliser and grow up into our heart's fullest expression.

Topics that I can lend a unique perspective on are:

  • Creativity and magic
  • Self Empowerment
  • Intention and Intuition
  • Evolution of Transformation
  • Anything Ritual and Ceremony based

I'd love to hear from anyone who feels their audience is ready to bring ritual into their lives and receive a deeper connection with themselves and others.

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Profile artwork for Elissa Wilson
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