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Elinor Miller

“No one uses storytelling to inspire & transform lives and to bridge the gap between the scientific and the spiritual worlds, the way I do. ”


About Me

The best way to get to know me is to check my Facebook profile, but in a nutshell I am a coach, speaker, spiritual mutt, neuroscience junkie and a yogi. I am also in the process of writing my first book titled 'The Course of Being Okay'. My book is inspired by my mission to help other shift away from a place of settling for being just okay. One of my favorite mantras is that there is no heavier burden than unfulfilled potential. I use my gift of storytelling and my love for scientific teachings, to inspire, motivate and transform lives

In addition to coaching, speaking, mentoring, teaching, and practicing yoga, I am also raising three (ADHD) children with my beloved husband. I am a minimalist and environmentalist and I love reading, writing, running. I am also addicted to the ocean.

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Profile artwork for Elinor Miller
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