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Elaine West

“Hi! Encouraging Compassion and Inspiring Change by sharing our rescued farm animals with visitors and helping them connect the dots.”


About Me

I am just a regular person with a passion to make this world a kinder place. I love animals and have always had a way with them. When I rescued a gestation sow who fell from a truck on her way to slaughter, my life changed forever. I had to share these amazing animals with everyone to help them connect the dots: food vs friend?

Most people are "animal lovers", they would never dream of intentionally harming or being cruel to an animal yet every day, they pay others to do the brutal work of raising and killing baby animals so they can enjoy eating their flesh. My goal is to "encourage compassion, inspire change" by helping people understand that their simple choices have a profound impact on not only the animals, but the environment and our own health as well.

I also have very high standards at our sanctuary and humanely euthanize animals whose quality of life is compromised. I challenge the idea of "no kill" head on with the reality of what happens when you are full and you do not euthanize animals? What happens to the ones you turn away? Its easy to turn a blind eye to the fact that you just sentenced an animal to a potentially brutal death in your effort to feel good and be "no kill". Life is full of hard choices, there are no easy answers.

I love what I do, I love the opportunity to touch people and change their lives so they can go on and touch the people in their circle. Vegan is movement that has come a long way since I started 30 years ago! We have a long way to go but we're gaining momentum.

I'd like to earn more to help more animals, that is what I care about most. Helping other sanctuaries meet the daily care needs of their animals is where I would like to lend my support. We NEED more sanctuaries, they are vital to helping people understand that these animals are no different than dogs and cats.

I want to change the world, one life, one heart at a time! A better world begins with our simple, daily choices. We can create the world we want to live in by our vote with our consumer dollar, nothing is more powerful. We don't need to wait for politicians to pass laws, we have the power in our pocket, our wallet, our hands, to make this world healthier, cleaner, more beautiful and more kind.

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Profile artwork for Elaine West
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