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Elaine Broun

“I am diversified, a published author I have lived in many countries, speak several languages.”


About Me

I was born in Brazil, I speak Portuguese, Spanish and English. Dabbled with French. I love to travel, tour archaeological sites, camping, reading, I enjoy anything to do with history, so when I travel I make a point seeking out some historical spots.

I am driven by a natural curiosity about people. As I observe those that I have met along the way, what toys with my mind is the insatiable curiosity to know, how has their journey through life been? Were there hardships, what brought them joy, did they have a happy life or if deceased were they happy in life and were their lives fulfilled? So it isn't a surprise that I have recently published my first book titled Carrasco '67 A Harrowing tale of an Imperialist Pig.

In my spare time, I love to read, write, travel, watch soccer, collect antiques, catch up on tracing my genealogy, which led me to a grandfather who signed the Declaration of Independency and other interesting tidbits.  I live in Texas, been married for 39 years, have 4 children (all University graduates) and have two lovely grandchildren.

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Profile artwork for Elaine Broun
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