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Ed Khouri

“Teaching Christian leaders & groups a relational framework for change, skill training to make it real, & materials to sustain transformation”


About Me

As president of Equipping Hearts for the Harvest, Ed Khouris's books and workshops empower Christian leaders and ministries to navigate healthy, grace-based relationships, establish and sustain life-changing communities, and steer clear of codependent, fear-based interactions. For more than forty years, Ed and his wife Maritza have trained ministry leaders, missionaries, and churches from almost 90 countries to serve the hurting in their communities.

With a background in addiction and recovery counseling, Ed empowers audiences and readers through his biblically-based teachings rooted in attachment theory and the latest neuroscience findings. Popular topics he addresses include:

  • The grace you never knew: embracing the true, biblical definition of grace
  • Engaging healthy, grace-based relationships
  • Discipleship and healthy attachment
  • Experiencing deeper intimacy with God and others
  • Encountering real joy
  • Avoiding toxic, problem-centered interactions
  • Flushing out the poison of codependency
  • Misplaced mercy and other causes of relational burnout
  • Freedom from fear
  • Recognizing controlling and abusive leadership
  • Leading without sacrificing yourself or the people you love
  • Building a balanced and well-connected team.

Ed Khouri is the author of Becoming a Face of Grace: Navigating Lasting Relationship with God and Others, Beyond Becoming: A Field Guide to Sustainable, Transformational Communities, The Weight of Leadership: How Codependency and Misplace Mercy Undermine Life and Ministry, and Restarting. He is also the co-author of Joy Starts Here.

Ed resides in Conover, North Carolina.

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Profile artwork for Ed Khouri
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