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Dr. Terry Zachary

“Sports chiro - My PGA Tour failure helped me solve global repetitive grip problems to the finger, thumb, hand, wrist, carpal tunnel & elbow.”


About Me

Does your audience want to learn how to perform at their best?

Why do most people know nothing about grip mechanics when the hands connect us to everything we do?

Did you know that grip strength is directly correlated to maximum health & life longevity?

Dr. Terry Zachary is a former professional golfer and sports chiropractor who failed in his attempt to make the PGA Tour but instead saw dozens of repetitive grip injuries (RGI's) to the fingers, thumb, hand, wrist, carpal tunnel, forearm, and elbow of pro and amateur golfers.

In response, Dr. Zachary developed the Handmaster Plus hand exercise system which has helped over 1 million people exercise their hands properly and ‘get a grip on grip’ in therapy, sports, music, workplace, gaming, computers, & smartphones. Traditionally, hand exercise has been a 'squeeze-only' approach... but Dr. Zachary researched the mechanics of the grip to prove that 9 muscles open the hand, 9 muscles close the hand, and 9 muscles control the position of the wrist and forearm in any grip pursuit.

27 muscles of grip! ...but most experts traditionally train only 9, leading to rampant imbalance, injury, and poor circulation.

Dr. Zachary is also the author of ‘Great Hands, Great Life!' a cutting-edge book about upper extremity injury and imbalance conditions... and how to correct them.

Dr. Zachary can explain and clarify ANYTHING related to grip with his 20+ years of experience studying and training athletes, musicians, therapists, gamers, and workplaces.

Learn HOW TO TRAIN GRIP PROPERLY and how your fingers, thumb, hand, wrist, carpal tunnel, forearm & elbow work their best for maximum performance, health & circulation.

He has many exciting and interesting stories from sports (including all major professional sports), music (worked with Rock & Roll Hall of Fame & Country Music Hall of Fame bands), therapy, fitness, gaming, and the workplace.

Well over 1 million Handmaster Plus units have been sold around the world.

Dr. Zachary can add knowledge to and entertain your audience on many levels:

1) How to easily (and properly) strengthen the 27 hand and grip muscles in balance resulting in stability, performance, and healthy circulation.

2) Why hand exercise has been wrong for 5 decades

3) What other joints and structures become unstable & easily injured because of chronic repetitive gripping by the hands (A: fingers, thumbs, wrists, carpal tunnels, forearms, cubital tunnels, elbows).

4) Explain the entire kinetic chain of grip muscles (i.e., it's not just the hand & finger muscles, it's also the wrist, forearm & elbow muscles)

5) Explain why grip strength leads to better health... & even life longevity. Yes! Dozens of published studies to confirm!

6) Why women are more prone to certain hand, wrist, carpal tunnel & forearm injuries (carpal tunnel syndrome is diagnosed at a ratio of 3:1 when comparing women to men.

7) Why people should chase their dreams & instincts.

8) Why do strong, balanced hand muscles mean greater performance, including better speed, touch, stamina, and range of motion? (Hint: Very important in sports, music, and gaming).

9) Why does traditional 'squeeze-only' hand exercise cause stress, and why does full range of motion exercise ease stress and produce dopamine and endorphins?

10) What does the balance in our hand muscles teach us about the balance in our lives? (Hint: The hands are a metaphor for taking in and giving back.)

Dr. Zachary is eager to speak with all hosts and audiences to educate the world about the body's beautiful design, and how important and easy it is to train them fully.

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Profile artwork for Dr. Terry Zachary
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