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Dr. Shoshana Levin Fox

“Autism Out-of-the-Box! Autism specialist, Experienced Child Psychologist, Play Therapist, Author. Using a hopeful, strength-based approach!”


About Me

I am passionate about helping young children with special needs, especially those with an autism diagnosis, and about coaching their parents on how to help a diagnosed child maximize his or her abilities. 

I've been privileged to spend years in the trenches working from a unique, innovative model that avoided much popular jargon surrounding autism today and which focused on children's strengths --with wonderful results!

Those positive and encouraging results impelled me to write An Autism Casebook for Parents and Practitioners: The Child Behind the Symptoms [Routledge]. I continue to assess and treat children with special needs (especially autism), give interviews for print media and guest on podcasts.

I love sharing my experience in the field of autism, experience that communicates hope and encouragement to parents. Each conversation includes insights and advice to parents in the hope of benefiting many more children diagnosed with autism.  

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Profile artwork for Dr. Shoshana Levin Fox
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