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Dr. Rich Blundell

“Engaging, optimistic conversations on human wellness, nature, technology, culture, healthy minds & the creative life-force of the cosmos.”


About Me

I am a fun neurodivergent scientist who has spent a lifetime exploring the continuities of humans and nature across the scales of cosmic evolution. I specialize in communicating fascinating insights and wisdoms discovered through my field research as an ecologist.

I have stories to tell from a wide range of scientific, philosophical and spiritual disciplines. I am also the founder of a cultural movement called Oika which blends ecological, psychological, technological and spiritual dimensions to create a prosperous future for people, places and the planet.

I can speak engagingly about:

Human-Nature Relationship

Origins of Consciousness and Mind

The Joys of Nature

Big History

Cosmic Evolution (Physics, Astronomy, Planetary science)

Geology, Earth Science, Ecology & Restoration

The Emergence & Evolution of Life

Human Evolution (Early, Paleo, Neolithic)

Philosophy & Science

Systems Theory & Cognitive Science

Technology & Artificial Intelligence

Spirituality & the Spiritual Dimensions of Science

Mindfulness & Human Wellness

The Joys of Surfing and Surfboards

Culture, Prosperity & the Human Future

How to be happy by reconnecting to nature at on an embodied and spiritual level.

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Rich Blundell

"When you're in right-relation with nature, what feels good is good"


Oika is an ecological & cultural paradigm for art, science and humanities. Learn more about this intelligence of belonging

Rich Blundell

"When you're in right-relation with nature, what feels good is good"

Profile artwork for Dr. Rich Blundell
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