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Dr. Kevin Moore

“Nurse Leader & Expert in LGBTQ+ Health for All Ages”


About Me

I am a registered advanced practice nurse and the Assistant Director for LGBTQ+ Clinical Coordinator Services at NYU Langone Health (NYULH). I am a resource expert in all LGBTQ+ health care of all ages, including gender affirming medical care and the pre, intra, and post management of gender affirming surgeries. My varied career has led me to serve in multiple capacities such as emergency and trauma care, critical care, and post anesthesia care. Those roles have served me well to be the LGBTQ+ clinical, cultural, and educational resource for administrative leadership, medical doctors (MD’s), physicians associates (PA’s), nurse practitioners (NP’s), registered nurses (RN’s), physical therapists (PT’s), social workers (SW), and patient care technicians (PCT’s). Moreover, I have delivered over 10,000 hours of LGBTQ+ education to administrative and clinical leadership, clinical personal, and ancillary staff. I have led teams at NYULH regarding the electronic health care record infrastructure systems, updates regarding sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) data collection in EPIC, in addition to the implementation in outside vendor systems. Furthermore, I have built an expansive list of LGBTQ+ care providers to offer members of the LGBTQ+ community in almost all levels of healthcare services including primary care, cancer care, dermatology, fertility, gynecology, colorectal, gastrointestinal, orthopedic spine, orthopedic knees/hips, nephrology, urology, hematology, rheumatology, plastic surgery, podiatry, psychiatry, and psychology. Moreover, I have developed a patient navigation and concierge level of service to offer all LGBTQ+ patients that includes advocacy, shared decision making, and education to help patients make the best decision for themselves and their families. Institutionally, I have written LGBTQ+ equitable patient and staff facing policies that have affected the culture of our organization including the Triple Identifier Policy (regarding chosen name, date of birth, and medical record number) to decrease the misnaming and misgendering of patients who have a gender and name mismatch, bed policy reflecting the placement of patients according to their gender identity, transitioning on the job guidelines, and successful advocacy of the implementation for full equitable benefits without exclusions for all LGBTQ+ staff and family. I am currently working with our population health department to add the LGBTQ+ community to our community health needs assessment in 2025 and 2028. I bring an expertise and level of care that has been recognized and awarded. As an illustration, in 2019, NYULH was awarded a Magnet nursing exemplar for my nursing leadership around the delivery of nurse driven multi collaborative approach to gender affirming care. Additionally, for the first time, the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) awarded its second exemplar for interdisciplinary teamwork between nursing and pelvic floor physical therapy (PFPT) team on the dilation protocol after vaginoplasty surgery developed by myself and the PFPT team (2019 & 2022). For example, I partnered with PFPTs at Rusk Rehabilitation to teach transgender women, intersex people, and vaginal agenesis patients how to perform dilation successfully after vaginoplasty surgery. Lastly, I have extensive experience in the creation and development of patient and family advisory councils (PFAC) for NYULH system wide with focuses on LGBTQ+ issues and care. In 2021, I was featured as one of Johnson & Johnson's Nurses Leading Innovation in Bridging Healthcare, Advocacy and Equity and in 2022 was named by Crain's New York Business as one of 95 top LGBTQ+ Leaders in New York. My passion is to create a new patient focused model that incorporates an awareness of the social determinants of health that affect the outcomes of LGBTQ+ people, patients, and their families that can be a best in practice model for all healthcare facilities. .

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Kevin Moore, 51

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Profile artwork for Dr. Kevin Moore
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