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Dr Bruce Crawford

“I am a Board Certified Urogynecologist and the creator of the very popular pelvic floor fitness program know as PfilAtes.”


About Me


I am an American Urogynecologist with 25 years experience treating pelvic floor disorders including incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, and sexual dissatisfaction. My focus for the last 15 years has been helping women and men avoid the need for prescription medication and/or surgery through the use of a fitness program called PfilAtes. I created The PfilAtes Method in 2008. It is now taught all over world with more than 5000 instructors trained.

My interest in creating a functional fitness solution for bladder control problems stemmed from the work I did in West Africa between 2004-20012. My work in Niger, West Africa, provided surgical treatment of a maternal birth injury known as vesico-vaginal fistula. While we successfully repaired 200-300 fistula a year only 50% of patients regained complete continence. This challenged the basic surgical precept that restoring normal structure (anatomy) restores normal function (continence). I came to understand that bladder control is actually a neuro-muscular issue. In other words, bladder control is a fitness problem and not a medical problem.

As a natural extension of this work, my partner, Heather Dibkey M.S. and I, started the podcast Life Before Medicine in 2021. This platform interviews guests that best exemplify ways to help the public avoid the need for medical intervention using lifestyle, nutrition, and fitness.

Our YouTube channel, The Pelvic Floor Solution, has over 6000 subscribers and over 1000 hrs viewing time each month.

Over the last year we have further built out our online platform,, to include a turn-key senior pelvic floor fitness solution available for licensing in the United States. This program is aimed at senior residential centers and senior day centers.

I would like to share my experience and expertise on podcasts that will bring help bring our mission to preserve and restore dignity and independence to adult men and women with pelvic floor disorders while changing the narrative that incontinence is a medical problem that requires prescription medication and surgery.

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Pfilates Plyometric Pelvic Floor Strengthening Program

A physician created evidence-based pelvic floor strengthening program. This program has been published in medical literature and we have trained over 5,000 teachers in this technique. We have monthly webinars and subscription services. Proven to improve incontinence symptoms in 28 days.

Profile artwork for Dr Bruce Crawford
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